Department of Architecture

Who we are

Acquired certification for architectural education program in KAAB (The accreditation of architecture education is a system introduced for mutual recognition of international universities. It is a certification of education that must be acquired in order for students majoring in architecture to take the architectural qualification examination. Therefore, upon completing 3 years of on-the-job training, graduates of SU in Architecture can apply for the architectural qualification examination without having to take the preliminary examination).

The Department of Architecture operates a five-year education program for the international certification of architectural education in accordance with the regulations of the Universal Institute of Architects (U.I.A), and trains architects as creators of culture, as civil critics, and as natural and urban space coordinators.

All educational programs follow the accreditation standards of the UIA. No more than 10 students per class learn architectural design practices and theories from professors and prominent architects who have rich practical experience. Students who meticulously follow the systematic curriculum come out as ready architects. Graduates can also work in various academic fields such as architectural engineering and various design fields.

Educational Mission

Through various studies and understanding of architecture based on character building education of SU, the Department of Architecture aims to cultivate architects who create spaces that are beneficial to humanity.

Educational Goals

  • To train architects who meet international certification standards.
  • To produce graduates versed in architectural knowledge and ready to work in the field
  • To produce graduates fluent in one or more foreign languages ​​and proficiently use computers in order to be resourceful experts in the global village.
  • To produce well-rounded intellectuals so as to enable more career options

Career options

Architectural office, interior design, construction company, stage designer, engineer office, architectural computer graphic expert, architectural model expert, architectural digital image expert, estimate office, construction management expert, architect civil servant

Last modified date : 2018.10.01