Department of Leisure & Sports

Who we are

In keeping true to the educational philosophy of SU (a harmonious mind, body, and spirit), the Department of Physical Education interests itself in the scientific pursuit of developing and maintaining a healthy body. In addition, based on the spirit of Christianity, it aims to teach basic physical education (sports physical education, anthropology, sports education, anatomy, physiology, etc.), clinical sports medicine (sports medicine and prescription exercise), sports nutrition (obesity, weight control programs, etc.), body balancing (posture correction, etc.), sports psychology (stress management, etc.), and sports marketing (sports management, sports industry, etc.). It is our goal to produce professionals capable of managing the comprehensive health and physical fitness of others.

Cultivate sports specialists who have the knowledge and skills to improve public sports and health is of great importance today. As such, we are vested in training and producing qualified professionals who are realistic and future-oriented. In addition, students can take advantage of credit exchange programs with sister universities abroad as well as various special clinical research programs within SU.

Educational Mission

  • The goal is to cultivate holistic beings with a firm foundation on Christian faith.
  • We also aim to produce sports educators invested in improving public sports and health based through their use of sound theory and clinical, practical knowledge.
  • To increase chances of employment, we provide students with the necessary means of obtaining national certificates in the field of sports.
  • We also aim to cultivate outstanding professionals who are able to lead the SDA community in sports and health.

Educational Goals

  • Specialization: nurture professionals (sports educator, exercise prescription specialist, sports management professional, etc.)
  • Specification: train and develop professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Globalization: enable exchange of students and internships at home and abroad

What we are looking for:

  • Multi-potential students with comprehensive, foundational knowledge of sports science and medicine
  • Positive and enthusiastic students with the potential to become health care and exercise prescription specialists
  • Creative students with the potential to become professional managers in public and private sports sectors

Who we want you to become:

  • Professionals with multidisciplinary talent in sports instruction and medicine based on comprehensive expert knowledge and ability
  • Healthcare and exercise prescription specialists with novel personality and scientific sports expertise
  • Professional managers in public and private sports management with creative thinking and professional qualifications

Vision and Career

This Department of Physical Education and Sports holds up the tenants of scientific inquiry and research. We hold dear the principle of holistic development. Our focus, as such, is on the physical body. Our goal is to produce experts in a wide range of sports fields such as life sports instructors, professional sports instructors, exercise prescription athletes, sports center managers, post graduate professors, personal trainers, and cultural arts educators.

Last modified date : 2018.10.01