Department of Health Management

Who we are

Health Management Studies is aimed at improving health and quality of life of individuals, groups, communities, and the world. Through coursework in public health, health education, health kinematics, communication theory, health policy, etc. students learn how to develop, plan, manage, and assess public health programs.

Today, people are suffering from chronic diseases and health problems at an unprecedented rate due to decreased physical activity, excessive nutrition consumption, unhealthy life choices, and stress. More than ever, preventive care in the form of health education is crucial for social wellbeing. Therefore, we aim to produce professionals with a sound scientific understanding of stress management, drug abuse, sexual education, exercise prescription, and health business management. These individuals will gain the skill set necessary to develop health improvement programs and run them.

Furthermore, students will learn about the latest computer technology and scientific discoveries on how to plan, run, and evaluate health programs as well as on how to collect, organize, and analyze data. This will provide them the opportunity to work in various job sectors (private health center, public health center, medical institution, researcher and public service administrative officer, health athletic supervisor, etc.).

In 2014, SU was selected for the CK-Ⅱ health science (addiction) specialization program. In line with the program, students are offered studies in addiction psychology, addiction rehabilitation, and health kinematics. The addiction psychology majors earns a degree in literature (counseling psychology), the addiction rehabilitation major earns a bachelor’s degree in health, and the major in health kinematics a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

What we are looking for:

  • Students who have a positive, healthy sociability and professional competence
  • Students with systematic expertise and creativity
  • Students with a can-do-spirit that contributes to human health and environmental improvement
  • Students who strive to create a bright future based on knowledge of humanities and social sciences, and not just one specialized field of study

Who we want you to become:

  • Healthcare professionals with knowledge and management skills in health care
  • Public administration specialists in health welfare
  • Health education and health promotion professionals with systematic expertise and creativity

Vision and Career

The Department of Health Management at SU runs a curriculum that prepares students for becoming health education professionals, health athletic supervisors, and hygienist. Students take courses that ready them for taking the national examination in the above areas of specialty.

Last modified date : 2018.10.01