Department of Management Information Systems

Who we are

Business management environment is rapidly changing in line with fast-paced development of computer and information communications technologies. These developments and changes not only give rise to new industries but also have become an important element in determining core competitive strategies. Management Information System is a tool that enables an organization to carry out its strategies and achieve its goals. As Management Information System grows in importance, demand for IS professionals is also on the rise. As such, Management Information studies fills the need for the increased demand. Management Information studies cultivates professionals who understand the importance of management information in the age of information, globalization, and cyber technologies. These professionals—as managers and businesspersons—are able to leverage knowledge of management information in the real world of business management. Management Information studies also produces professionals in the field of information communication. These professionals, as the demand for their skills grows from governmental organizations to multinational companies, may find work in an ever-growing pool of industries around the world. In particular, the Department of Management Information Studies focuses on the broad understanding and application of diverse disciplines such as business administration, information technology, computer science and system science. The department also specializes in team projects, domestic and overseas training, global business, and academy management. The aim is to cultivate talented people with specialized skills.

Educational Mission and 5 Principles of MIS

I am honest

I think outside the box

I always do my best

I will become an effective leader

I am an international lady/gentleman

Warmhearted professional with a strong foundation

Humanity: Character Education

Technology: Advanced Technology and Technical Training

Leadership: Cultivate Business Acumen

Global: Improve Global Capacity

Creative: Specialization Education

What we are looking for

  • Students with the ability to integrate the humanities with technical knowledge
  • Students with the ability to lead creative change in the data foundation
  • Students who, armed with communication skills and creativity, challenge themselves
  • Students who have the ability to utilize their knowledge and skills proactively

Who we want you to become

  • Business-IT coordinator with humanistic and technical knowledge
  • Data experts driving creative change in the data foundation
  • IT solution professionals with communication ability and creativity
  • Management Generalist with active mind, core knowledge, and skills


“Cultivating warmhearted and well-trained professional”

Career options

Department of Management Information Science at SU integrates business theory and information technology sciences in order to nurture professionals that can actively cope with rapidly changing times. With this knowledge of management and ability to utilize computers, more career options are available to our students than any other department. Students can find work at almost any organization and any field. They will be able to fully demonstrate their skills and become essential to any team they are in.

Table of Career options
Foundation Business Management Computer/IT Core Courses Freshmen
Integration Management Information System System Sophomore
Application e-Biz Academy IT Topic Junior
Experience Internship Senior


  • Management Sector

    Asset Manager, Asset Manager, Tax Accountant, Appraisal Assessor, Asset Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Stock Analyst, US Financial Asset Manager, Asset Management Specialist, Class 1 Investment Consultant, Class II Investment Consultant, ERP Information Manager , Futures trading counselor, financial asset manager, computerized accounting

  • IT Strategy Sector

    SAP Certified Consultant, Programmer (SCJP), Cisco Certified Network Professional, Project Management Engineer, E-Commerce Manager, SUN Certified Network Engineer, Web Project Management Engineer, E-Commerce Manager, Web Programmer, SPCT, IPCT, Internet System Manager, Electronic Calculation Organization Application Engineer, Internet Information Engineer (Webmaster), Information System Supervisor, Information Management Technician, Class 1 E-Commerce Manager, E-Commerce Manager


  • Management, accounting, office work

    Business analysts, secretaries, advertising, public relations specialists, customs agents, logistics management specialists, corporate managers, human resource specialists, management consultants, accountants, M & A specialists, marketing specialists, management planners, tax accountants, meeting planners, administrative officials, senior corporate executives

  • Finance, Insurance

    Insurance analysts, credit analysts, foreign exchange dollar, league managers, investment analysts, investment advisors, insurance agents, and other investors. Intermediary information communication

  • Information Communication

    Web engineer, network administrator, computer system analyst, applied software developer, commuter programmer, mobile contents developer, information systems administrator, system software developer, web programmer, webmaster, information and communication consultant MS expert (management information system developer), system administrator, information system public servant, information system consultant, web designer, chief information officer

Last modified date : 2018.10.01